(PHP 7 >= 7.4.0)

FFI::newCreates a C data structure


public static FFI::new ( mixed $type [, bool $owned = TRUE [, bool $persistent = FALSE ]] ) : FFI\CData
public FFI::new ( mixed $type [, bool $owned = TRUE [, bool $persistent = FALSE ]] ) : FFI\CData

Creates a native data structure of the given C type. If this method is called statically, it must only use predefined C type names (e.g. int, char, etc.); if the method is called as instance method, any type declared for the instance is allowed.


Esta función no está documentada actualmente, solamente se encuentra disponible la lista de parámetros.



type is a valid C declaration as string, or an instance of FFI\CType which has already been created.


Whether to create owned (i.e. managed) or unmanaged data. Managed data lives together with the returned FFI\CData object, and is released when the last reference to that object is released by regular PHP reference counting or GC. Unmanaged data should be released by calling FFI::free(), when no longer needed.


Whether to allocate the C data structure permanently on the system heap (using malloc()), or on the PHP request heap (using emalloc()).

Valores devueltos

Returns the freshly created FFI\CData object.